15-second digital clips, TV documentaries, highlight shows, 360° videos… David Arnaud has successfully directed a variety of formats on nearly every imaginable platform. From ordinary heroes to world-class athletes and Olympians, he particularly enjoys drawing the human factor from complex stories to make them accessible to mainstream audiences.


David Arnaud has led a vast array of productions in the most demanding environments, from live coverage of freeride skiing competitions in the Alaskan backcountry to stunning skydiving performances 30’000 ft above the Mont-Blanc.

and more

A trilingual professional with a business and marketing background, David Arnaud can handle complex projects involving multiple stakeholders. From mass-market sponsors to industry partners, from core audience to mainstream reach, he has extensive experience in maximizing value for your organization through compelling stories and authentic content.



Going further.

Trilingual & multicultural

Fluent in French, English and Italian, from Japan to South America David Arnaud thrives in multicultural environments.

Worldwide operations

David Arnaud has led projects on 4 continents and a dozen different countries, and travelled to 25 countries – and counting.

Vast network

From helicopter pilots to editors – and all 20+ professions in between – David Arnaud’s network includes highly skilled professionals who can tackle any technological, logistic or editorial challenge.

Proven leadership

Over the past 10 years David Arnaud has managed teams large and small, instilling and sharing a constant commitment for excellence.