10 years of experience in multidisciplinary productions.


Highlight shows, 26 and 52 min documentaries, live and delayed live, newscut. David Arnaud has delivered all manner of TV formats over the years.

Branded Content

Don’t just push your logo or product. Compel your audience with engaging storylines and content that naturally connects them to your brand.


It’s not just about getting the slickest edits – it’s also about collaborating with community managers and communication department to work out a strategy and maximize reach.

360° video

For onsite activations or for digital distribution, David Arnaud has the expertise to craft truly unique experiences for your audience.


Taking down the walls

Live production, digital production and TV are three essential and (supposedly) inseparable ingredients for any event communication strategy. Yet too often they are handled by separate teams with different workflows and even different mindsets. Opportunities are missed. Synergies ignored. Budgets wasted.

With a decade of experience leading production teams on a variety of events, David Arnaud’s focus is set on making Live, Digital and TV work together seamlessly. That’s better content for your audience, and more value for your sponsors and stakeholders.






There’s more to it than adrenaline

There’s nothing worse than clichés. As an ex-athlete turned director, David Arnaud is particularly interested in athletes’ stories – not just oversimplified stereotypes. He’s worked with Olympians, World Champions and record-setting athletes, capturing their journey through doubts, injuries, failures and successes.



Where storytelling meets R.O.I. 

When assessing the R.O.I of your sponsorship or video project in a tangible way, “it looks cool” just won’t cut it. As a production partner for your event or brand, David Arnaud is familiar with detailed distribution and media valuation reports provided by companies such as Repucom (part of nielsensports). Taking action based on these reports can significantly increase your media valuation R.O.I. without altering the editorial quality of the programs, nor alienating the audience by overbranding your content.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or improve brand perception, David Arnaud can help maximize the value associated with your productions.