Full lenght IBC/Creative Cloud presentation

Here’s the full length presentation that I gave on the Adobe booth last september at the IBC Amsterdam. This presentation isn’t so much about specific features of Premiere Pro or technical aspects of our workflow. As the title say, it’s about “delivering content from remote destinations”.

This case-study talks about our work environnement (from business model to infrastructure and tight deadlines on deliveries) and how, from a production standpoint, Creative Cloud and Premiere Pro fit the bill perfectly for my team over the winter season.

Working on this presentation has also been a good opportunity for me to reflect on our workflow, about what we do and how we do it. A great experience that I hope to repeat in the future.

Thanks again to the Adobe team for their hospitality over this event! There’s a really fine team behind the video products family @ Adobe.

Talking Freeride with Adobe Creative Cloud video

Here’s a short clip made by the Adobe team while I was in Amsterdam last september talking about our workflows on the www.freerideworldtour.com, and how we successfully deliver tons of content using Premiere Pro and other Adobe applications.

Attending the IBC and presenting our work at the Adobe booth was an exciting opportunity as I was able to meet the people behind Premiere Pro and Creative Cloud. I was first impressed by the very warm welcome I received, but also by the consideration given to customers feedback. I mean, being able to talk directly to a core developer about a very specific feature you’d like to see implemented isn’t something you would expect from a mega corporation like Adobe (they’re really huge and Premiere Pro and video products are just a fraction of their activity!).

This barely scratches the surface of what we do from the mountains ; to see the whole 30 min presentation go HERE.