Here’s a short clip I’m particularly happy to share! What is Freeriding? The objective was to answer this very simple question with a clip that would appeal to a mainstream audience ; I also wanted it to be very inclusive, universal and emotional. An ode to all freeriders, beginners and pros, yound and old!

What is Freeriding?

“As long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right!”… This sums up pretty well what we think is freeriding! For all the Freeride fans who’ve always failed in explaining their friends/families this great sport that is ours ⬇ #DROPIN #ThisIsFreeride #quattro #quattroroadtrip #Audi

Posted by Freeride World Tour on Montag, 23. Januar 2017

  • Client: Freeride World Tour / Audi
  • Conception-directing : David Arnaud
  • Scripting-Storyboarding: David Arnaud / Johno Verity / Ed Leigh
  • Editing: Aurelie Monod / David Arnaud
  • Additional shooting: Johno Verity
  • Voice-over: Ed Leigh
  • Motion graphics: Niels Saint-Viteux