Well the title of this post pretty much says it all. Livestreaming Freeride World Tour competitions in European or North-American ski resorts is a pretty daunting task already. But when the competition is set to happen in Alaska’s backcountry it’s yet another league. The clip belows summarizes the setup and the team behind the live TV production from a tiny mountain ridge out of Haines, Alaska. And I’m the producer lucky enough to work with a team like this one!

Daily Journal 6 – Haines Alaska FWT17

Alaska is the 4th stop on the Freeride World Tour and for the FWT crew it presents the biggest challenges. What does that imply to organize a competition in a remote mountain of Alaska? Check it out! #DROPIN #FWT17

Posted by Freeride World Tour on Donnerstag, 23. März 2017

After a week spent installing, monitoring, troubleshooting and (also) enjoying their time up there, event day was finally here. As producer and live producer, working from the production tent with a perfectly functional and reliable setup in these conditions is a huge satisfaction. We could deliver a solid show to tens of thousands of freeride fans around the world and enjoy a great contest day. What was achieved on this mountain on that day is pretty special. This team as a whole is special.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the competition because of weather and snow safety, I was also extremely relieved and happy to see the entire crew rewarded by an incredible day of action. This was the best reward we could all hope for, and an achievement we won’t forget anytime soon. Very, very well done everybody.

Here’s the full replay of the event:

Top photo : Jeremy Bernard