After some intense international investigation, I finally managed to put my hands on a Sony FS700 in the very last days of august, the day before I had to fly out to Santiago de Chile for the Swatch Skiers Cup. I preordered one last june from a big german dealer but by mid-august, only a handful of units had been received. I called shops and enquired all over Europe and it wasn’t available anywhere, with no visibility as to when Sony would finally deliver more cameras. It’s been very frustrating to see that at the same time it was in stock at B&H for example – but they wouldn’t ship outside the US!

Anyways. I had high expectations about this camera and it did not disappoint. Here’s one clip shot with the FS700 at the Skiers Cup. Graded a bit, shot at 200 fps on a 70-200mm f4 (at 200mm) + 1.4x extender. Pretty cool considering this is contest footage, not a setup shot where you agree with the skiers about his line prior to filming. Here this is a totally unpredictable line choice from the skier, and to that regard the buffering for the slowmotion is a key feature since you can only shoot 8 seconds of action.